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“Alexa, my neighbor seems sick” - 14/09/2050

You have most certainly heard this phrase recently. Or you may have even said it yourself. And the consequences of such a sentence have finally been made public during a commission of inquiry held in the parliament today.

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After years of fighting, from the bar to the league for human rights and leagues against domestic violence, the debate has finally open.

Why so many years get there? Perhaps because, like so many other debates, it was first necessary to ensure that the population accepted to look at its own dark side ...

Let's go back a bit. During the COVID19 pandemic of 2020, many avenues have been tried to make everyday life easier. The world's population then awoke to a new world, emerging from the comfort of a "blessed" era of intense pre-climate change economic growth, in which individual life remained paramount.

And the pandemic has arrived, reminding us of how interdependent and interconnected we are. It was no longer possible to live by and for oneself without considering the consequences of our actions. Unfortunately, this generated strong rejection from that part of certain sections of the population who, to preserve certain privileges, turned to technology to help it.

Remember, for those born at the time, that the COVID19 pandemic had generated many social protests to try to draw the consequences of a world that has lived too long on injustices. But in the face of pandemic resurgences, the support of popular populist movements, and the conspiracy theories that had come to undermine the equilibrium of our societies, the results of these changes fizzled out.

At the same time, many technology companies have tried, in a societal approach, to put in place tools to facilitate "tracing" and thus avoid containment measures that would have ruined the economy. The tools resulting from these reflections have proved to be very invasive in private life and have, little by little, created a culture of denunciation.

As in the worst moments in history, illness has become the label put on one or another's forehead to free themselves from a troublesome neighbor, colleague. In 2025, after the emergence of a new virus, these tools were further improved, the memory of the previous pandemic having encouraged the rapid implementation of tools for controlling and monitoring populations.

The advantage is that it was more about contacting an obscure police politician, but about grabbing his phone or his central home automation. After ordering a pizza, it was super easy to report questionable and contagious behavior with voice commands!

Thus began the work of activists and other associations who have tried to sensitize the authorities on the risks of these new tools. But, sensitive to the political consequences generated by COVID (many governments having lost the elections following the pandemic), many rulers preferred to favor an ultra cautious approach at the cost of individual freedoms as often.

Fortunately, many dramatic cases on the front page of the media have finally attracted the attention of institutions that present themselves in the direction of stricter regulation of the technology associated with this health monitoring.

It will be necessary to see what safeguards will be put in place knowing that the defenders of rights are pleading for an outright removal of these tools which may now be too naturally part of our daily lives.

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