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Back to school with a light heart and a light back - 17/08/2039

How many of you, readers of these lines, have lived their school years by walking every morning with a huge backpack full of notebooks, books ...?

And for as long as we can remember, the debate over these way too heavy bags raged: between those who considered it difficult to do otherwise and those who pleaded for lockers in the classes or for lighter requirements in homeworks…

With the progress of digital technologies, very quickly these new and innovative tools became part of the discussion: what if we dropped the books to transfer everything to computers or tablets?

But the resistance to this movement has been powerful and it is only recently that tablets and other digital tools (augmented reality glasses in particular) have ceased to be considered as "gadgets" or means of distracting children from true pedagogy.

Education and its administration are big machines to move and it takes a long time for them to adopt new methods. Evolution of the classrooms, inclusion of new lessons more adapted to the current context ... all this takes time!

But this year, finally, a major step has been taken!

In fact, the government finally put the resources and made the decisions to transform our schools into schools of their century (10 years already near half of this century ...).

No more binders and not even lockers! Everything is now digital: the students have tablets in class that remain on site (thus avoiding losses, flights during travel ...) because all the educational material was stored on cloud servers.

As for notebooks, and writing that should have disappeared with digital, tablets are multi-purpose and, because of the advanced screen writing applications, our little schoolchildren can still write down neatly their letters and alphabets!

It took some time for the proponents of public pedagogy to decide to take the step forward and integrate digital tools to help our children not to live in a school of the past but to be educated according to the world tomorrow!

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