EXPERIMENT - When AI tries to foresee the future - Prospectivism in action - 28/12/20xx

This article is out of our publishing habits but in the light of a coming new decade, it seemed important to us to really experiment and to interact directly with an artificial intelligence.

The OpenAI consortium published a text generator tool based on a Deeplearning system a few months ago. This tool, called "poetically" GPT-2 has been made freely available on various websites including: https://talktotransformer.com which we used for the occasion.

The result is shown below.

Our opinion: the speed of response of the system is impressive but it requires several tests for each paragraph in order to offer real overall consistency.

But what surprised us most is the fact that it is obvious that this system is above all a great tool for data analysis, no more no less.

And in the context of a prospective website, the tool appears more than disappointing because it actually uses only the existing (and therefore the past) to produce information. The ability to anticipate, even when voluntarily fed with dates and events not yet existing, is quickly annihilated after one or two paragraphs which bounce opportunistically on the data inserted.

Obviously progress is real in terms of analytical capacity, but we are far, in the great debate on artificial intelligence, from the apocalyptic predictions of intelligent machines.

We let you enjoy the final version:

"Today, the speed of innovation on marine-inspired processes is increasing. For example, researchers at Technische Universitaet Berlin (TU Berlin) are working on biomimicry technologies. These are systems that involve both biological and engineered systems and mimic, by mimicking mechanisms in nature.

The issue of sparsity

The pace of innovation may be so fast today that it exceeds the limits of either hardware or algorithms. For example, on a recent trip to Spain, I met with my colleague Ricardo Magalhães, the manager of the Sensor Technologies and Engineering Division at Airbus Defense and Space. He was telling me about the Hyperloop "project" in the USA, and the reason why the latest technology described in the test paper on this project came from its home country.