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Geo-engineering - D-4 before launch in Goroka - 06/25/2050

Nothing has been decided yet 4 days before the launch of the “Pacific Blue-er” mission created on the initiative of Papua New Guinea.

Many roadblocks are still to be lifted, and the biggest one is that of public opinion. And it is far from done!

Support our ideas:

For months, protests have multiplied in the Pacific but also in Southeast Asia and South America. Few in the Western United States where technology has become almost common use today.

But the scale of the current operation is much larger. And that's the problem.

So of course, as always since the early 2000s, the debate is ultra-polarized. Encouraged by social platforms, supporters of this or that camp clash fiercely, sometimes violently.

Why did we get there? How did a Pacific nation, which has suffered so much from the excesses of science and engineering, finally go "to the other side of the mirror" and give in to the urge to manipulate the climate?

In light of the arguments presented by the current government, this was the ultimate solution for them to manage climate change. Faced with the desperation of the disappearing islands, the economic difficulties of the island economies, the complete cessation, for Papua, of mines and therefore of a significant contribution of funds, there were a priori no other solutions.

For decades indeed the nations of the Pacific have tried to give voice on the international scene to ask for concrete actions to fight against global warming and rising sea levels. It must be recognized that, unfortunately, that never worked after the ad hoc success of the Paris Agreement and other small treaties ultimately never applied by polluters. So, according to them, action was needed. And the project has the support of other governments in the region.

On the other side of the debate, detractors denounce corruption, selfish interest.

It's hard to separate things out, but in fact the question arises: after having played blindly with the climate for decades without thinking about the consequences, is Dr Strangelove engineering the last chance to save humanity ?

This highly controversial technology has already been widely used by China, the United States, Russia and some South American communities heavily dependent on agriculture. That was it or risking catastrophic social misery. For many here is the clear equation they face: experiencing or falling into misery.

So, quite rightly, many scientists are trying to sound the alarm because once again, even if knowledge is more important today, it is impossible to predict and understand the exact consequences that the dispersion of molecules will have synthetic in the ocean to decarbonate the ocean and try to revive the fishing industry.

For opponents of the project, there are 4 days left to stop everything ... A short "shooting window" which will then launch humanity in a new direction. For the supporters, it is necessary to hold 4 days before crossing a “new frontier” opening the way to an even greater control of our environment and a resumption of control of our future.

Whatever your opinion, your position, your fears or your hopes, we will all be fixed in 4 days!

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