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Regional Cooperative, imminent launch! - 07/07/2039

The Pacific region is finally getting organized economically and that's good news!

After decades of simple political discussions or cooperation limited to regular meetings of international bodies, the Pacific region is finally organizing itself more concretely.

Indeed, the first regional cooperative for agro-industry production will start its activities very soon. Initially initiated by investors from different countries in the region (Tahiti, Samoa and Fiji), this cooperative aims to establish a regional production area for various agri-food products.

The objective is to find a way to locally valorize, on a regional scale, the agricultural products coming from our islands to export them to the international markets.

Faced with growing demand in the market for agri-food substitutes, supported by the development of the non-animal meat market, the Pacific, whose agricultural sector has been less affected by international issues in recent decades, found there the opportunity to pull out of the game.

However, acting on their own, as explained by the original investors, would have been especially profitable for the importing markets, which thus could have maintained an unbalanced commercial relationship between small producers eager for export opportunities and import markets with high demand and therefore able to weigh on prices and conditions of purchase.

Faced with this, the initial investors decided to create a cooperative that will have a collection and production center in each country with a partner of the cooperative. This in order to benefit from the privileged access that each country has to the different world markets, inheritance of a historical liabilities of the 20th century: European market for Tahiti, American for Samoa and Chinese for Fiji.

As a result, production forecasts could be extended to all global markets and negotiations could be done by playing on the many options now open to this cooperative project.

After the start of the cooperative and the first exports made, investors managed to convince the governments of their respective countries to put in place the regulatory framework necessary to: allow the creation of a regional and therefore multinational entity, facilitate the exchange of personnel and equipment between each member country of the cooperative, but also to create a tax harmonization necessary to guarantee a certain coherence in the financial management of the cooperative.

It is now done and it will strengthen the development of this cooperative which, hopefully, will attract vocations for other markets such as ocean-farming ...

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