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School programs: a reform finally adapted to the needs of tomorrow - 19/06/2049

After years, not to say decades of resistance, it is finally announced, school programs will be reviewed in depth!

From kindergarten to high school, the basic education of children will finally experience a significant change to integrate the developments of recent decades, which have profoundly changed our societies both locally and internationally.

For a long time, school curricula were only adapted to the margin: one or another teaching was slightly modernized, following the changes in academic research. If necessary, some teaching methods were reviewed but never or very rarely changes in depth reflecting the needs of today's society... but also and especially tomorrow!

Remember that the education system is supposed to be designed to train not today's individuals, but those of tomorrow! They must therefore be prepared for changing jobs and the system must anticipate these developments.

That's why the Ministry of Education has made a new announcement today. In fact, the Minister in charge first announced the creation of an analysis and forecasting service to reflect continuously on the evolution of the world of work and society, in order to ensure that programs schools are becoming more adaptable and constantly updated.

In addition, teaching methods will be reviewed: classrooms will evolve in a revolutionary way since the frozen space inherited from the "black hussars" of French education will be re-organized in interactive space, appealing to a lot of reality adapted. Each student will be equipped with connected tools adapted to this new educational format.

This is made possible by the low cost to date of the adapted reality tools. This concept, which appeared only a few dozen years ago, is in fact only a variant of augmented reality that focuses only on the provision of additional information and not on the graphic creation disconnected from the real context. This adapted reality will give teachers the opportunity to free themselves from the burden of theoretical content and focus on the practice and immersion exercises, now recognized as more important for children's cognition.

Finally, in terms of the subjects taught, obviously the coding and machine learning / algorithmic classes will become part of the core curriculum and no longer optional subjects.

Commitments courageous and welcomed by representatives of parents of students but also professional organizations. Some disputes have been heard in the teaching profession, mainly those who will require a lot of learning to upgrade. But overall, teachers, who are of relatively old age locally, welcome this breakthrough, which will give them much more autonomy in delivering learning.

There remains the question of funding this ambitious program. Indeed, the answers provided were not deemed sufficiently clear to reassure, especially representatives of parents of students, who fear that, as in other countries before Tahiti, such as the United States or China and the United States, In England, education is becoming a luxury service because of the important integration of technology. The government is committed to providing guarantees soon ...

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