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Supply management: the AI ​​software very soon in use! - 15/05/2039

It had been promised for over 3 years, but it's finally done, it is in service!

Eager to improve the management of stocks, and avoid wastage and thus the multiplication of waste difficultly disposable in an island setting, the government had decided to implement one of its artificial intelligence tools now well-known elsewhere in the world, to manage the country's supply chain.

The goal will be simple: centralize all the orders of import companies, food distributors (the few remaining supermarkets but especially all home distribution companies and online orders) and track all purchases of the Polynesians to control the ordering chain and avoid over storage.

This tool based on the now famous "machine learning" will come, within 2 years of its commissioning, to establish 6-month predictions in terms of managing the needs of the population.

The ultimate goal is to order only what is really needed.

While the idea of ​​limiting waste is well accepted in the population, many raise the issue of respect for privacy and personal data and respect for individual freedoms. Indeed, by not limiting themselves to following the predictions of the system, many wonder what will be their choice in what they want to buy or not.

Promoters of the system recall that the device will also be coupled with meteorological data, the school calendar and various economic indicators to develop the most realistic predictions possible. This does not reassure the detractors of the project who consider that a simple monitoring of flows at the level of import-export companies would be enough to facilitate waste management.

This is all the more so as the system remains the owner of the US-based creative society, whose policy of respect and management of personal data has been increasingly lax with the liberalization and intense deregulation of recent years.

A group of consumers has appealed to the courts for an opinion on the limits to be imposed to regulate the use of the system and its centralization by the government.

Case to follow so, but in the meantime, the startup of the system has started!

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