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Tax efficiency: follow your money from start to finish - 04/06/2049

Since the creation of the first politically organized human societies, taxation has always been a useful but controversial instrument. A necessary evil could we say.

And for at least as long, governments, administrations and citizens have debated together on the usefulness and effectiveness of these levies, whose primary purpose, let us not forget, is to guarantee the development of our communities for the benefit of the greater good.

Fortunately, technology finally allows us to almost end this conversation! Of course there will always be ideological debates between those who wish to put an end to the tax (and therefore deprive themselves of schools, hospitals, roads ...) and those who wish to organize the levies differently.

But in any case, with regard to the effectiveness of the compulsory levies, the government has just put an end to the controversy.

Thanks to the deployment of a system based on a quantum software system, recently finally mastered and made available to public institutions by the public research consortium that developed it, the government decided to play the card of transparency.

Every citizen will now have a quantum identifier that will track all payments made to the public sector.

However the budgetary allocation mechanisms will continue to function according to traditional budgetary principles, including universality.

But the distribution of resources from each citizen will be able to be traced to the single digit! The opportunity to know to what extent you have contributed to the funding of schools, roads in the atolls, public health…

An initiative welcomed by consumer representatives and many companies (who will benefit from the same system of traceability).

However, some tax professionals question whether this important transparency is likely to encourage tax retention of citizens, who now clearly aware of the government's use of their money, might find reasons to stop paying their taxes.

We must therefore rely on common sense and the spirit of citizenship of everyone to become more involved in the management of public services by becoming aware of the contribution of each.

Time will tell who's right. In any case, we will no longer be able to say "I do not know why I pay my taxes!"

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